Math Genius 2

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Math Genius 2 is an excellent educational game for children all age which is playable friv Games for school. It includes multiplication, addition and subtraction, and division. The object of the game is to get as many correct math answers as possible within the time limit of the game. Try to beat your friends and have a good time! 


Mathematics is an important subject, especially for kids. With this educational app, parents, teachers and educators can help children to learn faster. Math Genius 2 at friv kids games is a fun game designed mainly around the topics of addition and subtraction. In fact, we believe that children learn best through fun games and interactive activities. The code of this math game is well commented and organized. It is very easy to take it and turn into a profitable game. Have them practice their math skills!



This game should help to improve math thought processes as well as speed of solving simple problems. 

The number of correct answers, missed answers, and accuracy are shown at the end of the game. 

Select the Home button at the end of the game to try again. 


If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at All the games such as The Impossible Quiz are available for free!


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