Remember The Numbers

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Remember The Numbers is a arcade puzzle game available for free online at Friv2021 Games. If you like puzzle games and want to improve your memory while having fun, Remember the Numbers is the perfect game for you. To complete this new game of memory and numbers will need focus, quickness, and, of course, memorization. Remember the Numbers is a very simple game. When a new game is launched, various numbers appear on the screen. Then, you have three seconds to recall them before they vanish. You must tap the screen in ascending numerical sequence where the numerals were. If you succeed, the game continues with fresh numbers; however, if you fail, you must restart from the beginning. In a survival mode with a thrilling beat, retrace numerical sequences that continually become longer. In this arcade game, your memory and reflexes will be put to the test.

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The screen shows a lot of numbers. Then you have three seconds to remember what they were before they go away. You have to touch the screen in the order that the numbers were there.