Robo Rumble 2

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Robo Rumble 2 GamePlay:

Great! Robo Rumble 2 at Friv com has officially launched with the expectations of millions of players around the world. This is one of the most exciting puzzle games that you should explore and challenge your intelligence. Do you want to be the smartest person who can solve all the difficult math problems? This chance is for you!


In this game, a robot needs to open a door and to escape from this dangerous maze. However, it is not smart enough to find the perfect way and open the door in the maze. So, it needs your help and intelligence to solve the problem and open the door in the shortest time possible. How to open the door? You need to look carefully and calculate the options to push a wooden box down the door and make it open.


In particular at Go gy, the position of the door will change constantly on the screen. It may appear at the bottom, in the middle or at the top of the screen. This will cause you many difficulties and challenges because you will have to calculate carefully to push the box up and open the door. Moreover, the game will not give you any help, it will all depend on your ability to observe and intelligence.


Challenges and the difficulty level will be increased significantly after each level. Are you ready to conquer? Besides, you also can play more with Howdy Farm at


How to play? The players can use the mouse to solve all puzzles in the game.

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